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Topic: update CKeditor

I want to update the CKeditor.
I'm using version 2.1.2 of CN. The help/about page is not working. What is the version of the CKeditor in this version of CN?
I have found a directory with the name ckeditor in the directory core.
I want to update to version 5 (CKeditor 5). Simply replace the files is not working.
...I want to upload video's too, so that I can use them in the messages.

<video></video> is working perfect but it is easier using the editor if possible.
With images there are no problems.

Thansk for an answer,

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Re: update CKeditor

Of course, we could also put the typing into the core and add hooks on which you could listen to modify the default behaviour. CKEditor 4 uses this approach for some of its features – they are in the core (or more monolithic plugins) and they expose hooks (by firing events). This is part of being event-based system. It works quite well but it's less flexible and doesn't allow to optimise the bundle size that much (you ship code that you actually overriden).