Topic: Cutenews 2.0

We offer you the Cutenews 2.0 beta. The version is still in a testing mode, but we can give you some introductory information. At the moment the section 'docs' is deleted from a zip file.

The main differences:

1) News is saved in 3 files (not 1): block (data), index (listings) and meta index (general informaion). The same thing occurs with users.
2) The group settings and the separation of user rights;
3) The modules are updated, changed design;
4) Additional fields;
5) Category structure;
6) Tags and tag search are added; url_rewrite is integrated that allows changing news ID for each (page_alias);
7) The internationalization module is added;


We hope this version to become the starting point for the following quick improvements as the basic structure of the core is developed for simplification of additional options.

Best regards,
CN Support team

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