mysql support

i think mysql db is best way to store datas on web. with more security. some one can download your datas on the text file by using a web-site-download program . (like backstreet downloader) user just have to write cutenews directory,than all of datas on his computer . but anyone can't download sql file from mysql database smile

private message system

lol i know cutenews is just a news/blog entryies system but users want to send private messages between them  . i think communication is important . isn't it ?

News Votes Section

i think it  should be easy to do . voting system should be like this : system have to  got two buttons to wote . "bad" and  "good" sections.and votes can be store in a file. so what can we do with this sections ? we will create a button to call news what are them get "good" points . it will be a good idea, so we can read old and good news easly. smile

advanced members page

i  wrote it before in other forums. can a standart member change about somethings for himself? i think it is a good idea . for example i will write my favourite books for this mount in my info than guests can see this in my info . isn't it good ?

it is okey for now i think. i got lots of ideas,but i haven't got php knowledge to make this ideas on scripts smile