Topic: CuteNews - Problem with website structure

I generally like the idea of CuteNews, installation went fine and test with examples worked as well - as long as I do not leave the directory /cutenews!
In my website the directory structure is as follows and I do not want to copy/move CuteNews to the website root:
/html => this is the root of all website files with other subfolders such as /images etc.
/html/cutenews: this is the path where all CuteNews files have been copied automatically.
I now have an index.html or index.php on root level => /html and need to address cutenews from within this file, so that everything else is working (subfolders etc.).
But it doesn't... How to get the pathes right???
Thanks and BR

Re: CuteNews - Problem with website structure

Your index.php file should be in the public_html directory, the same directory as your cutenews folder.