Topic: Strange error - XCache and eAccelerator

PHP Warning:  Cannot load module 'XCache' because conflicting module 'eAccelerator' is already loaded in Unknown on line 0

This error is now appearing in an error log in my public_html folder and in another error log in my cutenews folder.

Anyone know what on earth this is?

I'm using (lKj)'s Cutenews v8.

I know there's another more up-to-date version out, but I haven't updated it, as I'm using a spam protection hack for those dummy fields and don't particularly fancy edited all the relevant pages again!

Re: Strange error - XCache and eAccelerator

xcache and eAccelerator are both scripts running on your server to cache php files in a compiled state.
Neither are part of cutenews and you need to ask your server admin to fix the problem.

Re: Strange error - XCache and eAccelerator

Thank you! That's what I half suspected. I've emailed the owner of the e-fans server, so hopefully she'll sort it.

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