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Topic: CuteNews 1.5.0 don't show images

I'm a regular user of CuteNew, and this week my cutenews crash (v1.4.6 - deprecated error), and i upgrade to v1.5.0.

After that, the articles images disapear, and only show html code.
Like this:

<p> <img alt="" src="http://www.josiasimoveis.adm.br/news/uploads/2-garatucaia.jpg" style="width: 300px; height: 225px;" />Test</p>

Anyone know what's happen?


Re: CuteNews 1.5.0 don't show images

1. Which editor is used while editing the news - CKEditor or nothing?
2. If nothing is used, check please if there is a tick near 'Use HTML in this article' while saving the news.
3. If CKEditor is used, you should edit turning on 'Source mode'
4. May be there is no the file 2-garatucaia.jpg в uploads/

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Re: CuteNews 1.5.0 don't show images

I had the exact same issues when upgrading to 1.5 except it was not only images that were affected but links as well.

The problem was that under configuration I had turned the XSS Strict to 'Strong'. When I changed it back to 'No' all the images and links came back.