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Hi all... first of all sorry for the English...

I've a ridiculous problem... in some PCs when i log the session does not last long...

for example... i'm log-in and would add news... but after 3/5 min during writing news

and when i would add a new images... appears again the login window... but why???

this problem happens not on all pc...

thanks... regards


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Re: session expired

I spoke with the domain's admin and told me that I have to put these two strings in a page php...

ini_set( "session.save_path", "/web/htdocs/" );

I do not know where to put ... could you help me about it?

please... help me

Re: session expired

If your host has given you access to your php.ini file.
then you should put it there.

You can find out where your php.ini file is by creating a file called phpinfo.php with the following in it

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Upload it to your site and call it with your browser using
Then look for  the exact path for where your default php.ini is located on the server.
It may be in your public_html directory.

If not just make your own.

ini_set( "session.save_path", "/web/htdocs/" );

Save it as php.ini
and upload it to the root folder of your site.

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