Topic: News Title Linking Wrong

I'm having a problem with one of my news includes. This one is located in the footer of my website, and therefore can be viewed on all pages (not just the main news page). There is a huge problem that I'm running into.

When a user clicks on the news article's title from that footer, the PHP code simply adds the news article's ID # to the end of the current URL. Obviously this doesn't work unless they are on the main news page.

Does anyone know a way to fix this, or work around it?

Currently I'm having the title pull up a separate box, but I need it to link to the page that contains that article.

Also, I've noticed that the include is not pulling the news template correctly. I have a separate template just for the news located in the footer of the website (called footer). It pulls the colors for the links and that it should only show 1 news article at a time.. but for some reason it's not pulling the body text; making it near impossible to read. Any ideas on that?

You can view the situation at the bottom of the page here: