Hi there!
Is it possible to open clickable thumbs with Highslide JS - or with a popup window?

it's a nice script you find
There is another one like that

it could be a great feature

Hello i recently installed this program on my cute news v 1.4.1 and when i go to upload any image it takes about 10 seconds then the page goes completely blank. When i tray and close out and reopen the image page it wont show any of the uploaded images and the only way to fix this is to reinstall completely. Please help.

Look there
http://english.cutenews.ru/forum/pictur … .html#4048

In image.mdu

//Configuration of missing thumbs
//(If you have images without thumbs they will automatically be generated with the following parameters.)
$missing_thumbs_size = 100;
$missing_thumbs_format = "normal"; //Change to "square" for squared thumbs or to "normal" to keep the dimensions

Is there any way to sort images by date instead to be sort by name ??

no ideas ?? https://cutephp.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif

Hi,  when you post a news with multiple pictures in a Clickable Thumb mod is there any way (hack or mod) to add in the popup a link like : << Screen Shoots Next  pic1 | pic2 | pic3 etc... Screen Previous>>.
In this way the visitor can chose to click on a another picture instead of closing the popup and click on another picture.
Another request :
Is there a way to sort images by date instead sort by name ??
Thanks in advance