I'm not quite sure, but </a> would be nice too  smile
And people don't HAVE to copy it before </table>, it just that it looks best in there, and only if your using default template  tongue

So how about it now do you Find okay right now or not.

Just simply by adding the code below to your Full Story template you could simply have a <<Back button in your full story.

All you have to do is copy and paste this code of mine:

<div align="right">
[url=java script:history.back(1)]<<Back[/url]

Please be sure that javascript is written in one word and not as "java script"!
Just like that and you would need to copy this code of mine just before the last </table>

Name: Printing your CuteNews articles
Author: demas
CuteNews Compatibility: 1.3.6 - * (no incompatibility reported yet)
Description: I guess the title says it all.
An alternative can be found here

First of all you would need to create a file printphp.php and put it in the CuteNews root folder

<div align="right">[url=java script:window.close()]Close[/url] [url=java script:window.print()]Print[/url]</div><?php 

/*PHPrint - This file is printphp.php
Make any Page Printer Friendly! Version 2.0 - With error handling
// After installation, you can remove text from here down to the next: 8< ---->
// Back up/copy this file first.

1. Save this script in the root of the site for simplicity.
2. Place <!-- startprint --> somewhere in your HTML page where you consider 
it to be the start of printer friendly content, and <!-- stopprint --> goes at the end
of that same content.
3. You place a link to phprint.php anywhere on the HTML page (preferably outside the printed content,
like this: [url=/phprint.php]Print this page[/url]
- or however you like, just as long as you link to this script. */

// If you've already tested, you can remove the text from here up to the other: 8< ---->

//Do you want to strip images from the printable output?
// If no, change to "no". Otherwise, images are stripped by default.
$stripImages = "no";

//what's the base domain name of your site, without trailing slash? 
// Just the domain itself, so we can fix any relative image and link problems.
$baseURL="Your web site url goes here"; 

// That's it! No need to go below here. Upload it and test by going to
// (The page containing the two tags and a link to this script)
// -----------------------------------------------------

$startingpoint = "<!-- startprint -->";
$endingpoint = "<!-- stopprint -->";
// let's turn off any ugly errors for a sec so we can use our own if necessary...
// $read = fopen($HTTP_REFERER, "rb") ... this line may work better if you're using NT, or even FreeBSD
$read = fopen($HTTP_REFERER, "r") or die("
<font face=\"Verdana\">Sorry! There is no access to this file directly. You must follow a link. 

Please click your browser's back button. </font>

// let's turn errors back on so we can debug if necessary

$value = "";
$value .= fread($read, 10000); // reduce number to save server load
$start= strpos($value, "$startingpoint"); 
$finish= strpos($value, "$endingpoint"); 
$length= $finish-$start;
$value=substr($value, $start, $length);

function i_denude($variable) {
return(eregi_replace("<img src=[^>]*>", "", $variable));
function i_denudef($variable) {
return(eregi_replace("<font[^>]*>", "", $variable));

$PHPrint = ("$value");
if ($stripImages == "yes") {
$PHPrint = i_denude("$PHPrint");

$PHPrint = i_denudef("$PHPrint");
$PHPrint = str_replace( "</font>", "", $PHPrint );
$PHPrint = stripslashes("$PHPrint"); 

echo "<base href=\"$baseURL\">";

echo $PHPrint; 
echo "<br/><br/>This page printed from: $HTTP_REFERER";
flush (); 

And then find the line 24 of the file above and change it with your site url.

Next add the following link to your full story template part

[url={cute-http-path}/printphp.php]Print this article[/url]

and put your full story template part code between

<!-- startprint -->


<!-- stopprint -->

to identify the part that needs to be printed.

So that's it! You would now have a print this article in all of your news!
Also note that the forum splits the word javascript. This MUST be 1 word.