There are two things needed to make CuteNews even better.

1. Captcha as a default option in CN. Not as an extra addon that you have to install. CN is easily the best news management script that's available, but the problem with spam is just ridiculous. You don't even have to have a big site to have this problem. I have about 500 visitors per day, and I can easily get over 100 spam comments in a single day. It just adds on a lot of extra unwanted work. And there aren't any other options out there that are as good as CN - so I don't want to change software.

2. Search engine friendly url's. This needs to be a default option in CN. Instead of the long complicated url's that says nothing about what the page is about, we should be able to choose to use something like The best would be to have it kind of like WordPress, where you can choose how you want the url's to look like - include category name, time, date, title, etc.

With these two options, CN would be the ultimate news management system. And I'm definitely willing to pay a little more than the license fee to get these two options in the next release.