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EDIT: or well it would not let me ... BUT

Found what i was looking for {author-name} instead of the {author} which excludes the email of the person that posted the news....

this is what i have currently on my page and once i hit either news feeds it will show the news in the top section before the HR not after it... it would show the news on both if i had not added the "Static = true" on the last one... so ... i dunno what your tring to work with or somthing but it shows on the same page so long as you have the templates setup for full and short news feeeds... as that is where i had to change how it looked to match both full and short... while keeping that i only use the short not the full... that is used for my image gallery


    $template = "front-page-content";
    $category = "2";

    <hr />

    $template = "newscroller";
    $category = "3";
    $static = TRUE;


I am tring to find a way to get rid of that function as i do not want to have them able to send emails from there and always just click away to spam emails.

I have purchased the full thing and would like to find a way to edit the coding to not put there email or take away that function from cutenews as it will not work for what i am going for on here..


Are you tring just change the Text on the Address bar?

There is a way to rewrite it and such with htaccess but that is alot of work to change that informtion. what you are tring to change is not simple in that you are changing what coding is allowed in that file and how the browser reads it.

htm l is basic what you see
PHP is the logical stuff

If you change the file to html from php don't expect anything to work..

The whole thing:)  But cdata holds some information and another folder which i am sure someone will post to tell you but i am sure that cdata is needed

So if i read this right.. we cannot make new templates? or am i reading this wrong?

EDIT: NVM i have just figured it out.. was clicking the wrong buttons in wrong order...

That worked thanks. I dunno what i did different to make it not work before must have missed one step or something.


I would also like to know how to accomplish this as i have tried multiple ways of putting the additional feild in the template and hard coding it in the template..


And as


I am unclear as to how this is suppose to work and how it is to display i have put it right in the template after short story and in the full story as well.

Still no dice:(

Would like a example if possible of how to get this working thanks.