Dear Nintendomi,

Which operating system is used on the server with CuteNews?

P.S.: It is still better to upgrade to the latest version.

Thanks for the reply!

I know it would be better to upgrade, but finding many errors after upgrading, . So I can not update.

I do not understand what you mean by "operating system" of the server? Could you give me an example?
I use a server on

Any comment that is written will disappear after a few days (the file comments.txt becomes white). I do not know why. Please help me. Tell me what should I attach file, which you need to check to help me and I'll do it. It's a very serious problem, so please, can someone help me? Thank you.

P.S.: I use CuteNews 1.4.7, and I want to stay with this. I do not want to upgrade, for various errors encountered during migration.


Qualsiasi commento che viene scritto scompare dopo qualche giorno (il file comments.txt diventa bianco). Non so per quale motivo. Vi prego di aiutarmi. Ditemi quali file devo allegare, quali avete bisogno di controllare per aiutarmi e io lo farò. E' un problema gravissimo, quindi perfavore, qualcuno può aiutarmi? Grazie.

P.S.: Io uso Cutenews 1.4.7, e voglio rimanere con questo. Non voglio aggiornarlo, per vari errori riscontrati durante la migrazione.

Hello! I have a small problem with the category-icons. I've updated the 1.4.7 to 1.5.3. Now, between the two icons (select 2 categories, for example) a space is inserted to their right. How can I remove the space?

The problem:

If you need some files/pages, let me know so I attach to the post.

I have a strange problem with my version of CuteNews 1.4.7

The comments that visitors posting disappear into thin air after a few days, as if they had never been written. Can you tell me a possible reason and how to solve this problem?

P.S.: Thinking it was the work of hacking, I changed the password for my account, but the problem persists!

Great, it works! Problem solved! Thank you very much!! ^^

Hi! I have 1.4.7 version on my site and I don't see the category icons when I make a multiple selection. I followed this FAQ but the problem remained.

In the Template I simply inserted {category-icon}. And this is my "":

You know help me?