Hi everyone :-)

With the the old CuteNews v1.5.3 i could change the order of the news (Menu "Edit news" and than arrow up or arrow down) .

Now i have installed the new Cutenews v2.0.2 (Build ID - 202) and i don't find this anymore

Pleas help me




the URL of my news mainpage is:


Now if i click on all the links crated from cutenews (next page, previous page, read full history, read comment) that's a problem!

For example if i click the link for the navigation to the previous page i go to the page:

http://welcome.cavagnago.ch/index.php?star...om=6&ucat=1.  My part of the URL "p=news&l=en" get lost !!!!

The correct URL should be:


Can someone help me please?

Thank you very much  https://cutephp.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif .