Topic: Showing images jquery


Owning a personal website
I have problems to view the images in Jqr
How can display the image when clicked

Note that I used this script are

Code on the home page:
                        <li class="photoghraphy">
$template = "img";
$category = "2";
<h2 class="title">Help us</h2>
<span class="categorie">Photography</span>

code in the tempelet:

I want to display images so:
When you click on the news or image


Re: Showing images jquery

There are no restrictions on using fancybox. You just need to apply the scripts and styles to the required page according to the documentation. Then, at the end of the page you need to define the script for connecting your images to fancybox.
When creating news, you need to input text in HTML to correctly specify the required style types.

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