Topic: Linebreaks in AJ-Fork

Don't panic!

If you want your cutenews to work with can do this:

erm... There is ONE thing you can do...requires editing some files...*Gulp* lol.

Ok heres what you do.

Open up cutenews/plugins/format-switcher.php




define('FS_DEFAULT_FORMAT','Textile 2');

Next step

Open up cutenews/plugins/textile-format.php

Search for and replace this line:

$line = preg_replace('/^(?!\t|<\/?pre|<\/?code|$| )(.*)/', "\t<p>$1</p>", $line);


$line = preg_replace('/^(?!\t|<\/?pre|<\/?code|$| )(.*)/', "\t $1

", $line);

Enable the format-switcher plugin, enable the textile 2 plugin.

When writing a news article the default format should be Textile 2 (this should appear in a dropdown box to your right) this proves you have done the above correct.

Now when you're doing linebreaks they will be
as you are used to smile

Please remember you will be using the textile 2 format now....and some weird things might happen... for example.. when you do *blah* it will appear as blah because the * sign means "go bold" .... its tricky but you'll get used to it tongue

ORRRRR without doing any of the can just select the HTML output....the above is probably better since you will more likely find textile format a lot easier to work with instead of typing all sorts of html tags you can do it with symbols...I find it incredibly easy.

Re: Linebreaks in AJ-Fork

Another method is reading up on how the different format plugins work and, say use "Markdown" (which is default in Ajfork 168). What you do to get a pure linebreak when using Markdown is adding a few " " (spaces) to the end of the line wink