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Topic: [FAQ][INSTALL] How to make a .php page?

Now you might start to freak out about right now. "oh my god, how do i write a site in php!"
Well, if you think this, you got a wrong perception of what php is. php is a programming language which you can use to manipulate/handle data. With php you can not create layouts or anything. To show the handled data onto a browser, php uses HTML.

You take your webpage in .html and rename the extension to .php
On windows you must enable the folder configuration (windows explorer) to show the files extension.
Alternativly, you can add the CuteNews include code inside the source of a htm/html page and save it like that (be sure you add it in source mode or doing this in notepad is recommended). Then when you upload your webpage onto your server space with your favorite ftp manager, you should see the file extensions anyhow, and edit the filename through your ftp manager.
The reason we must give it the extension .php is so the server would know that it must interpret the php code within this file.