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Topic: CuteNews For Dummies

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About CuteNews For Dummies
      It started out as a PDF for the beginner webmaster. Due to the absence of Mod's on this forum, this PDF was a resource for all common questions asked by newbies. Today I (the original author of the PDF) and some no deposit casino bonus others got moderator rights, so I decided to update the FAQ forum with the topics handled in the original PDF. So that not only me, but also the others, can edit the topics if necessary to explain to you what to do and how it's done in the most simple and detailed way.
      This topic is intended to present you with the links in the order of action and not chronological by title.
      CuteNews Setup
* What is CuteNews <-> UTF-8 CuteNews?
* I have downloaded the zip file, now what?
* How do I get the CuteNews files on my server?
* Everything is chmod'ed to 777, but I still get errors in index.php
* How do I log in?
* How do I get my news on my site?
* What parameters can I use with my include code?
* Changing the look and feel of your articles

      The CuteNews Panel
      This should point out what to do on itself. And there's the internal help so you'll probably won't have any problems understanding the Panel.
      RSS Feed
      General Question
        This section was also part of the original PDF, but in this e-version I'll have to refer you to the FAQ forum in general as there's no working order.
        Recommended topics

* Spam protection in CuteNews
* IE8 Compatibility

      The PDF version
I'll keep the original pdf online. Do note that some FAQ's may be incomplete compared to this forum, as only this forum will be updated as of now.

**This Tutorial has nothing to do with the Dummies series**

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Re: CuteNews For Dummies

What is CuteNews
CuteNews by the CutePHP Team.
CuteNews is a powerful and easy to use news management system that uses flat files to
store its database. It supports comments and archives that can be organized by months.
Please read the provided license.txt file to get familiar with the legal usage of this script.
Registered Customers can seek support at our support mail (technical issues are discussed
in our Forums!)

What is UTF-8 CuteNews
This is an unofficial fork based on CuteNews 1.4.6.
The main differences in UTF-8 CuteNews
- Data is saved as HTML entities, meaning it has better support for foreign characters.
- It has a lot more security holes patched, and added new security measures.
More information about UTF-8 CuteNews can be found in the development topic or at the release site.
The support advises using this, rather than the standard CuteNews 1.4.6.