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Topic: [HACK] Mod Rewrite/ Search Engine Friendly urls

Name: Mod Rewrite
Author: FI-DD
CuteNews Compatibility: 1.3.6 - * (no incompatibility reported yet)
Description: The following hack is my approach to create search engine friendly urls using mod_rewrite.
The big advantage of my code is its very easy and fast way of installing it.
Compared to other solutions which needed editing of lots of code you can install/uninstall my hack in less than a minute.
V1: The hack will produce urls like path_to_cute/post/8273645283-2.html (full story link) or path_to_cute/postpage/3.html
V2: For example: "This is my news title" will show as yourdomain.com/this-is-my-news-title.html
Requirements: Your server must support mod_rewrite and .htaccess files to get this working.
Demo: http://www.weirdnews.co.nr
Discussion Topic: here
Download: Download page

When you go to your news page for the first time the script should create the .htaccess file and change the look of the urls as explained above.