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Topic: Guide to this sub-forum

The topics in this forum are categorized and ordered with the following labels:
[BUG]: discussion about bugs and how to fix them
[EXPLOIT]: security issues that have been found, including code to fix these
[FAQ]: general questions and tricks/addons/new functions where no CuteNews files need to be edited.
[HACK]: tricks/addons/new functions where you need to edit some CuteNews files.
[SKIN]: change the look of your CuteNews Panel
[TOOL]: some tools related to the use of CuteNews
[TUTORIAL]: with aid of an example we'll guide you through important information on how to do something. (for example: use some cool javascript for the CN articles).
[WYSIWYG]: instructions on how to use other <acronym title='What You See Is What You Get'>WYSIWYG</acronym> editors than the default.