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Topic: [FAQ] News last updated....

Name: News Last Updated
Author: JubbaG
CuteNews Compatibility: 1.3.6 - * (no incompatibility reported yet)
Description: This will put some text with some date on your site so people can see when you last made a update.

Put somewhere on your site.

<?php echo "Page Last Updated on: " . date("F d Y H:i:s.", filemtime('path/to/cutenews/data/news.txt')); ?>

and replace path/to/cutenews/

Need this deciphered?

we'll focus on the date() function ONLY the rest should be self-explanitory.

F = Date in long function (January, February, March etc)
d = Day of month with leading 0 (01 03 09 12 19 21 etc)
Y = Full representation of Year (1986, 1999, 2001, 2005 etc)
H = 24 hour format with leading 0 (01, 09, 13, 18, 23 etc)
i = Minutes (same as above)
s = Seconds (same as above)

If you need some info on changing the above visit this site:

PHP DOT NET Date functions below: