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Topic: [HACK] Translate the date (show_news.php)

Name: Translate the date
Author: FUNimations, though other versions have been on the forum https://cutephp.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif
CuteNews Compatibility: 1.3.6 - * (no incompatibility reported yet)
Description: Translate the month/weeknames
Requirements: The date template hack
Be sure to have that other hack installed. It'll be easier to implement the hack
open functions.inc.php and add before (at the bottom of the file)


function my_date( $data, $type )
$list = array();
$list['months'] = array();
$list['months']['1'] = "januari";
$list['months']['2'] = "februari";
$list['months']['3'] = "march";
$list['months']['4'] = "april";
$list['months']['5'] = "mai";
$list['months']['6'] = "june";
$list['months']['7'] = "juli";
$list['months']['8'] = "august";
$list['months']['9'] = "september";
$list['months']['10'] = "october";
$list['months']['11'] = "november";
$list['months']['11'] = "december";
$list['weekday'] = array();
$list['weekday']['1'] = "monday";
$list['weekday']['2'] = "tuesday";
$list['weekday']['3'] = "wednesday";
$list['weekday']['4'] = "thursday";
$list['weekday']['5'] = "friday";
$list['weekday']['6'] = "saterday";
$list['weekday']['0'] = "sunday";
return $list[$type][$data];

Now comes the trick to translating the dates. It's a bit tricky so keep your mind with it and UNDERSTAND what you're doing.
As mentioned in the 'Date Template Hack' depending on the tokens(parameters) entered the date() function will return a value. It's important in order to use this hack that the return value is a number without leading zeros
now let's translate the month

$output = str_replace("{month}", date("n", $news_arr[0]), $output);

will become

$output = str_replace("{month}", my_date( date("n", $news_arr[0]), 'months'), $output);

now the {month} will be replaced with the translated month name.

We don't have a tag for the 'weekday' so add this line

$output = str_replace("{weekday}", my_date( date("w", $news_arr[0]), 'weekday'), $output);

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