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Topic: [FAQ] Using CuteNews as TagBoard/GuestBook

Hare is a cool way of using CuteNews as TagBoard.
* Make new category named "TagBoard"
* Create new template called "TagBoard"
* Add new article with title "TagBoard"
* Now browse to show_news.php and click on the comments link of the article "TagBoard". In the URL there should be something like "id=1062847312" youmust remember this number
* Now Edit the template "TagBoard" and delete the active news template and full story template.
* Now to include your new tagboard you should use this code:

if($subaction == ""){ $subaction = $_POST['subaction']; }
if(!isset($subaction)){ $subaction = "showcomments"; }
$template = "tagboard";

in the same way you can use and CuteNews as GuestBook https://cutephp.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif