Topic: Time adjustment in UTF-8 cutenews

Hi, in the latest utf8 version (and cutenews 1.4.6), there are a few places where the time is wrong if you are using a time adjustment setting in the config. Also it shows the timezone (eg +0800) but that is the server time, and doesn't change with the time adjustment.

I have added +($config_date_adjust*60) to some places in editusers and the welcome messages in main.mdu and this seems to work for the time, not the timezone.

There maybe other files which need editing as well, maybe the new log in "more", addnews and editnews?

Also, not important, but in editusers the registration dates have am or pm which is not needed for the 24h times
Which I fixed by removing the "a" from date("F, d Y @ H:i a",$user_arr[0])