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Topic: Cutenews Feedback

Hey there!

It's fantastic, that cutenews is now updated!! But i think i have 2 things, which everyone needs today to work with cutenews.

1. Is there any possibility to add "tags" when submitting a new cutenews-post, so that the tags will be shown in the active news and the user can search to them?

and the important 2. It would be so fantastic, if there is a possibility to include a Facebook-Like Button automatically generated and shown in the active-news-story. Social Media gets more and more important, so please don't miss adding this feature to the next update!!

Thank you so much!


Re: Cutenews Feedback

Thanks a lot for the contribution to CuteNews. Your notices will be taken into account in future.

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: Cutenews Feedback

I really like your way of expressing the opinion and sharing the information.

Re: Cutenews Feedback

simple thing i think is great enough to be put into the hack section and make me famous....
In older versions people could get hacked through search.php. Since 1.4.6 this should be fixed. Though you can also use this to get some insight about popular topics on your site. So you can provide some more info about that on your site.