Topic: Title/Descripton/Keywords question?

Hello to everyone. Been using this CuteNews thing, big thanks to developers team.
But I have a question. Lets say I posted a news on my site -, I got a new page -
On this new first-news.php page I'm getting the same meta data (title, keywords, description) as index.php (where I include CutePHP code). How can I make different meta data for every news that I'm posting?

I hope I'm being clear. I hope someone knows solution to this. Thanks in advance

Re: Title/Descripton/Keywords question?

Use different templates for include.
The template metadata must contain only full story, add your с{additional_field} in this template.
    Each news will contain additional field with meta-data. Example:


        $template = "meta_data";
        $number = 1;
        include 'show_news.php';

        other inclusions
    The template meta_data (full story):

        <meta name="description" content="{news_meta_data}" />

    Add additional field  'news_meta_data'.

Best regards,
CN Support team