Topic: Problem with special characters in title

Hi everyone

I'm running Cutenews 1.4.6. We just updated the PHP on the server, which gave a few problems. I managed to fix most, but one remains.

I'm using this script ( to get article titles up into the <title> tag in the browser. It worked flawlessly before, but after the PHP update it no longer shows the title if æ, ø or å (Danish characters) are used in the title. If they aren't used the title shows up fine. Two examples:
Not working:;id=1382697214

I cannot find any charset setting in Cutenews..

How do I fix this? Can I add something to the <title> php script?


Re: Problem with special characters in title

Hi again guys. I've updated to CuteNews 1.5.3, but the problem persists. How do I fix the problem the problem with special characters in titles?