Topic: On parameters 'category' and 'ucat'

I had a problem on my site. While selecting a category from the right column, news from only the selected cat are displayed in the central column. The issue arises when the user press page 2, in order to view news from the 11-th to the 20-th (sorted by date of posting).
The parameter 'category' is passed as 'ucat', and this fails to restrict the field to the selected category (instead of displaying news 11 through 20 of that category, are passed news to 11 through 20 regardless of the category).

I solved by adding some rows in one of the scripts; with them, the value of 'ucat' is also assumed as the value of 'category', in the case that 'category' hasn't a value while 'ucat' has one:

// in cutenews/core/loadenv.php, just before the definition of $config_skin (rows near number 55)

if (empty($category) and !empty($ucat))

I post my experience there, hoping it could be useful for other users and/or the developers.