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Hello everybody,

I'm new to Cutenews so I don't know if this is a new issue that didn't appear in older versions. I've done in my website, still in localhost, the following include from cutenews:

<?php   /*Here we decide what page to include*/
        if ($_GET['search']){
            include ("blog/search.php");
        elseif ($_GET['do'] == 'archives'){
            include ("blog/show_archives.php");
        elseif ($_GET['do'] == "stats"){
            echo "You can download the stats addon and include it here to show how many news, comments ... you have";
            // include("$path/stats.php");
            $template = "my_template";
            $number = 3;

In my browser the posts display correctly using the layout I've designed in "my_template". As you can see I've choosen to show only 3 posts per page but there are more of them so I expect to see pagination controls (prev, ext, etc) beeing displayed somewhere in the page . The problem is that they aren't. They aren't displayed even using default template.
I don't know if I have to add some extra line of coding to achieve this, include pagination somehow or if I'm missing something. Does someone have any idea of what's happening? Thanks.

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Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying

1. Check, if the pagination is reflected on the example.php page. To do it put "$number = 3" into "Play with parameters" block and click "Check result".

2. Could you please define if there are 3 news reflected but no pagination? How many pieces of news are there altogether?

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying

Thank you for your reply. Before going further I'd like to tell you that just after creating this topic in this forum I realised that the "Problem solving" forum suited it better, so I created it also there. Maybe you want to delete one of them.

I received a reply of one user suggesting me checking my templates and the disable pagination checkboxes, this is what I've answered him:

Before starting the topic I did a lot of research in the help docs, the forums and navigating through all the options of the cutenews panel, and had already done what you're saying: my_template and default templates both have code in the "news pagination" section containing the required links and tags, and in the system configuration I've tryed to check and uncheck the "disable pagination" checkboxes. But pagination don't seem to show up. Even looking at the resulting html code there's nothing of it in the page.
To say more, I opened in my broswer the example page of cutenews and all my posts, lets say 10, where there. When setting $number to 3 and refreshing, as expected only 3 posts where displayed, but no pagination controls at all...
Normaly, do they have to be there automatically when there are more posts than those displayed? Or is there something I'm not setting right?

I downloaded cutenews from your website a couple days ago so maybe it's something with the new version, have any idea?

Thank you again for your time.

Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying


I'm sure there is a quite simple solution to the problem I'm explaining. Could someone please help me solving it?  Thanks.

Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying

I am having problems with my pagination as well. My problem is the same as yokesi's: The "Next" and "Prev" is simply not appearing - not even on example.php.

Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying

Same problem here...

Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying

I've got the same problem. Can someone help me ? Please.

Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying

Still no answer ?
Last post on 2 May 2014 lol ?!?

Re: 2.0.1 pagination not displaying

Upgrade to 2.0.2 version of CuteNews. This issue was fixed.
After migration from old version run  migration_update_indexes.php.

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CN Support team

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