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Topic: login problem

hi community,

i installed the latest version (2.0.4) of cutenews and set it up. but when i try to login and click the login button, nothing happens. the login page reloads and i have to put the login information again and get again the loginpage?!

do you have any ideas what the problem is? cookies are accepted. from computer and mobile phone the same problem... maybe php parameters at the webserver?

thank you for your help!

Re: login problem

If the local server will work, then the problem is somewhere in the settings of the webserver. Just in case, you should check the access rights to all cdata files. For folders this should be right 775, for files 664

Best regards,
CN Support team

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Re: login problem

thank you for your answer.

i installed the script again and set the chmods, but same problem..got back to login page

Re: login problem

Maybe some files got corrupted while the instalation or the setting up.

Try by erasing everything and reinstalling it completely then.