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Dear Users!

We present a new version of Cutenews 2.1.0. The main changes touched a new interface offered by one of our contributors on the forum, we updated the design, checked it for errors, and improve functionality, fixed some bugs.

ADD   A new interface of Dashboard based on bootstrap framework
FIX   Output of the maximum width of image in the news preview
      Filtering the output of links in the preview
      Output of images in TITLE is deleted
      Fixed a bug while unpacking backup from ZIP file
ADD   Action choice in the media gallery is added
      Added the opportunity to insert several images via popup in the media gallery
FIX   Corrected the message about empty archives when selecting the news listing
ADD   Added breadcrumbs in the news and the listing
UPDATE  Updated the module interface for localization
FIX   Increased coverage of messages for localization (minor)
FIX   Fixed bug of category management (auto-incrementing id)
FIX   Fixed incorrect listing display when deleting a category
Best regards,
CN Support team

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okay thanks for the update

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Very useful, thanks

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Thanks For It

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