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I'm using version 2.0.4 and want to install version 2.1.0. What must I do without losing the templates, news and the uploads?

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I unzipped version 2.1.0, copied the directories cdata and uploads from the server to the local directory and then I copied everything from local to the server. Everything seems to work. Is this the good way?

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Yes, this is the right way to migrate from version 2.0 to version 2.1.

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Re: install version 2.1.0

I did the same with version 2.1.1 ...
The line Powered by CuteNews 2.1.0 is still the same and not changed to 2.1.1 (inlog screen, help/about)

I've edited 2 active news items and the template seems not to work, Title and Date are oke but the news (short story) is wrong, it has the wrong format (font, color). All not edited news is oke. What's wrong?

There are 3 files in cdata/news starting with cache_A2. One has the name cache_A2.txt. Can I remove them?

Thanks for an reaction.


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Re: install version 2.1.0

problem with the edited news is solved bij using <span style...></span> instead of <p style...></p> in the template. I forgot to mention that I switched to de CKEditor which places <p></p> around the text.