Topic: News title in browser

I would like the news title to be displayed in the browser.

How to do it?

I use CuteNews in version 2.1.0.

Re: News title in browser

At the very beginning of the script which posts the news, you can insert such pieces of code:


$entry = cn_api_get_entry();

Use the following contruction with the <title> tag:

 <title><?php echo ($entry) ? $entry['t'] : 'Example page'; ?></title> 
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CN Support team

Re: News title in browser

Thanks. big_smile

Re: News title in browser

Great !! it helped me!

Re: News title in browser

Hay, so i need to know variable of additional fields.

For example in this code - "<title><? if ($entry) {echo ''. $entry['t']. ' '. $entry['s'].''; } print($page_title);?></title>"
- $entry['t'] is variable of "Article title", $entry['s'] is variable of "Shot story".

I made additional field "Description" and i need to add a variable in this code.