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I'm using CuteNews for free and don't mind having the CuteNews link at on our page.  However, I just moved my site to a secure HTTPS and I'm getting a warning that parts of my page are not secure.  I've narrowed it down to the CuteNews link.  Is there a way to have this point to a secure version of

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To resolve this issue make sure that the page code does not pull data directly from a non-secure URL.

View the page source html code to check for non-secure items.  This can be done in a web browser by doing a right click and selecting 'view source' site.

To identify non-secure elements view the source code of the page and search for the text src
This will then highlight elements on your page being loaded from a non-secure URL.

The source code (HTML) needs to be checked for NON SECURE tags. Ensure the following references are changed to HTTPS or a virtual directory.

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Thanks for the info I will try to figure it out for more.