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Topic: upgrading Cutenews 1.4.6 to 2.1.2 hanging on Admistration page

Hi  I am stuck on upgrading version 1.4.6 to 2.1.2 on the create an admin account page.  The system hangs on entering the confirmation password.

On checking it seems the current download version is wrong. From another post on the forum in Core/init.php: define('VERSION',       '2.1.0'); No the download is OK. I have found the error and amended the file there was a file mixup usingExpression Web 4. The Administration page is version 2.1.2 but the system is still hung.

I'll remove the uploaded cutenews and upload it again. Done that, the page still wont work.

There is possibly an issue in that 1.4.6 wont run under php7 and my host is providing extended php 5.4 at a cost. But on inspection Cutenews 2.1.2 should be ok as the check is it wont run on 4.x

NB UPDATE I hav noticed that on going to the website that there is some evidence that cutenews is present.  All the posts are replaced by "Nothing to Show".

Update 20th April 2019 I have managed to restore CN 1.4.6 but I can't get to the login page now it wants to install CN and that would overwrite my data files I suppose. Cutenews 1.4.6 is no longer available as a Legacy download. This is unfoirtunate as I would like to check whether I am missing some files.

Re: upgrading Cutenews 1.4.6 to 2.1.2 hanging on Admistration page

Please describe the problem with creating an administrative account v2.1.2 in more detail. For a successful installation, all the directories required by 'Permission check'  (see it on the right) must be green. If this is the case, then try changing '<?php echo PHP_SELF;?>'  to the  '#' symbol in skins/base/install.php and try installing again.

To save all the data, follow the instruction https://cutephp.com/cutenews/upgrade.php?version=2.0

Download 1.4.6 by following the link https://cutephp.com/cutenews/cutenews.1.4.6.zip

Best regards,
CN Support team

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Re: upgrading Cutenews 1.4.6 to 2.1.2 hanging on Admistration page

Thank you Support.  It seems I didn't upload the cdata file from the version 2.1.2 I have done that and established the upgrade. The issue now is that there is no news and catgories available.  There was no Maintenance option. It seems like I just have a new installation.

I have checked that category.db.php is present and correct and also needed to copy the news.txt file from the 1.4.6 installation to the 2.1.2 installation.