Topic: CKEditor - how to make it work?

Hi there!
Can't enable CKEditor by no means..
Local server or web server, - no difference..
The CuteNews CMS is cool & awesome content publishing system, but the CKEditor is critical point for authors who create news articles.  If there won't be a good handy editor, the CMS cannot be used for my purposes.
Please, give some hint, if there is any solution?
I really love CuteNews, it's an exceptional thing, I believe..

Thanks in advance!

Re: CKEditor - how to make it work?

Hello Liq,

Below steps will help you to enable CKEditor.

Step 1: Copying the plugin. Upload the contents of the plugin archive to ckeditor/plugins folder. Where ckeditor is the folder where CKEditor is uploaded to. ...
Step 2: Turning on the plugin. In the ckeditor folder, find the config.js file. ...
Step 3: Toolbar configuration. Add the button of the plugin to CKEditor toolbar.

Thanks and Regrads,
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Re: CKEditor - how to make it work?

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Re: CKEditor - how to make it work?

Installing CKEditor Full Package and not using all of its, same purposes, but deliver it in a different way and can't work side by side. MyKFCExperience