Topic: License ID and Category issue

First, love the script, it is soooo nice. I have two things i need to clear up though. I have a pro license and will be bringing on journalists, but they have access to the help page which displays my license ID, any way to get rid of that?

Subarunet Login
I have a page where I want a particular category to show. Which I have no problem getting to work. However, on another page I have the remaining categories available to show, including the single one I mentioned before. For instance.

Page 1 has category 1,2,3,4,5
Page 2 has category 5 only.

Here is the problem, If i post an article that I want to show in both pages ill select those categories. BUT, the page which only has category 5 as the integration wont show that article unless it is checked solo, with no other categories. This causes me to have to post certain news articles twice. Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: License ID and Category issue

To remove the license ID from the help page in a script with a pro license, you may need to modify the code. As for the issue with categories in Subarunet Login, it seems that articles can only be displayed in a page with a single category if they are not assigned to any other category. This may require posting certain news articles twice.

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Re: License ID and Category issue

To resolve a license ID and category issue, you should contact the issuing authority or agency. They will be able to provide information on the specific requirements and steps needed to address the issue. LTD Commodities Perks