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Hi my apologies if this is available, I have searched and can't find it. I wonder if there is a guide to the URL Rewrite manager under Options and how to get it to work. I am try to get the page <title> for articles to be search engine friendly. Is there a walkthrough available to aid me in this?

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Yes, there are guides and tutorials available online to help you understand and use the URL Rewrite Manager in various web platforms such as IIS, Apache, and NGINX. The steps to configure the URL Rewrite Manager for search engine friendly page titles may vary depending on the platform you are using.

However, some common steps to achieve this may include defining the rewrite rules in the configuration file, using regular expressions to match and modify the URLs, and specifying the new URL format that contains the desired page title. It is recommended that you consult the documentation or seek help from a knowledgeable resource for your specific platform to ensure correct implementation.

You can also find various online tutorials, articles, and forums that offer step-by-step instructions and tips for using URL Rewrite Managers for search engine optimization purposes.  ManageMyHealth Portal

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You can look through previous suggestions and if similar thing exists, then upvote it or add your own there.