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Topic: [FAQ] Topic Title in Browsers Titlebar

To get the article's title in the browser's title without having to make some title template and including it within the <title></title> tags, in any template you wish to use, edit the Full Story subtemplate, and anywhere add this:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.title = "{title}";

And that makes the title of the page the article's title. Any other template variable works, and to add text before or after the title, just edit "{title}". Mine is "J-Dawg's Reviews: {title}".

Be aware that this may put the title in the titlebar, searchbots won't find these link as javascript is used here.
There's also a HACK (search the forum) for this if you find this to be a problem.

See also: [HACK] Add news title and/or category to &lt;title&gt;