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Topic: Notification new CuteNews version by mail

After the discussion at <strike>topic #31659</strike>, I've decided to start this topic.

This is a locked topic, so other than the forum administrator and moderators, no-one can add replies to this topic, meaning that you won't receive any useless spam.
So every time there's an important message concerning CuteNews (like an updated CuteNews version, a non-integrated security fix and so forth), Flexer or one of the forum moderators will add a meaningful reply here and you'll get notified.

How to register to receive emails for updates.
<ol type='1'> * Notice how at the right top corner of this topic you see a button Options.
* Click on that button.
* Choose Track this topic. No worries, you only subscribed to this topic.
* Choose the way you want to receive updates.

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Re: Notification new CuteNews version by mail

As promised we'll keep everyone who wishes to receive the most important update informed.
Current CuteNews version: 1.4.6

Manual fixes:

* ipban exploit, can be used to hack your server. Important for people who have other admins in CuteNews.
* Older fixes
* [BUG] show_archives.php archive order
* [BUG] RSS full link
* [BUG] Full story doesn't work, Articles in multiple categories.
* [BUG] Commenters can't save 'personal options'
* [BUG] Category icons when using multiple categories

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Re: Notification new CuteNews version by mail

UTF-8 CuteNews
an unofficial version of CuteNews.
The same as the original Cutenews 1.4.6 though containing lots of bugfixes, removal of unused code and added security.
Has great support for foreign characters. Check out the topic for more info.

Re: Notification new CuteNews version by mail

Still no Version update, but you may want to 'hack' your Cutenews with this unofficial fix.
[BUG][EXPLOIT] Users.db.php in search

Re: Notification new CuteNews version by mail

Hello everyone
a new bug that was found with fix. Nothing serious though.