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It was reported that the reCaptcha which protects this forum doesn't work.
--> you can't register a new account
--> you cannot post urls in your post. A way around that is making your post, next use 'quick edit' to add your urls.

At current we (the support staff) have NO means of contacting the owners of CuteNews. We cannot give an estimate as how long it will last because of that.

We hope you understand.

If the problem isn't fixed soon, i'll see about setting up a temporary alternative way of getting help, like possibly a gmail account. Direct access to you, and a clean oversight for us (the crew).

Edit: if you can't register to the forum you can try ask for help by mailing to FUNimationsCutePHP.[at].gmail.com and repalce the [at] with @
When sending a mail, the same rules for making a topic apply: https://cutephp.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13026
People who do have accounts are encouraged to keep posting onto the forum. This to keep discussions publicly so other can find solutions in them.
This will be a temporary measure. I don't feel that support staff should be hang out drying when such problems arise. If the owners can't fix this issue, i see no point advertissing this script and will discontinue my support. (I'm not speaking for all of the support crew)

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I noticed the problem too and I cannot even post without getting the reCaptcha problem. At least from time to time in a certain section.

I perhaps have an idea. I'll pm you. | edit: well if i could do that >_>


As the current board cannot really be maintained by the staff as it should be (because no one really has the rights needed to do it) and the owner isn't doing anything, I have perhaps a suggestion.

If this is going to continue longer, wouldn't it be more useful to open up a new board and link everyone to the new board which would work fine and the Staff can take actions against all the spam users and such?

I have my own webspace and I could offer you space for a board so the support could continue. I'll would of course give the staff the rights to manage the board the way it is needed.

I see that this board doesn#t work right anymore, as the software is old, spam users cannot be deleted and everything else.

Does that sound good?


there's not really an issue of not being able to create a new board.
There was one in the past --> cutemod, not many people went to there, why? people didn't really know about it. And not may people read stickied topics.

lKj can do that perfectly aswell. His server has enough bandwith.
For all i care we use some free forum provider. + a decent CN utf-8 section.
It just sounds like overkill to create a support forum for someone else.
When flexer was still boss, we kinda knew we could do such things. But now with the new owners and not knowing who they are, there's an legal issue. --> even my paypal support button (which hardly gets any clicks, which is ok) is illegal in a sense.
All we know: they're Russian, and you don't mess with Russians. They have mafia over there.


Ah okay. Well then, we will see how long this site will last, until it gets sold >_>

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It's already been sold a few weeks back https://cutephp.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif


How did you hear about CuteNews has been sold, I haven't found any news about it, just the owner of the domain is:

We, the support crew, have a subforum hidden from the rest https://cutephp.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

flexer wrote:

Hi guys,
I wanted to let you know that I'm in the final stages of completing a deal to sell cutephp.com and the CuteNews project.
Hopefully the website and script will continue to exist and see much needed upgrades and improvements, I can't provide much information on any future plans though.

The reason I'm selling is because I simply have not enough free time to continue supporting and updating it.

I'll try and answer any question smile.gif

and later

flexer wrote:

I can now reveal that the deal has been closed, and I have successfully transferred the domain and project rights to the new owner.
I am sure they'll put a message with more details in the near days.

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