Topic: Select All Checkbox for Comments

Hi! I'm very excited to see that development of CutePhp has started again!

I'd like to make a suggestion. Several of my sites have been spammed and I am trying to clean out the spam from the legitimate comments. But I have an issue.

There's a check box to delete all of the messages, but that's not useful because there's legitimate messages mixed in with the spam. The only other option I have is to place checkboxes next to each spam message one at a time!

Generally the pattern is for each article, there's about 5 or 10 legitimate messages, then about 80 to 100 spam. It would be far easier to add a checkbox that will Select All of the comments, then I can just uncheck the few legit messages and remove the spam messages.

Anyhow, I hope the new captcha will be an improvement and also help deal with the spam.

Thank you!

Re: Select All Checkbox for Comments

I found this Javascript online that when pasted in the address bar, it will check in all of the checkboxes. You have to remember the uncheck the "delete all" option at the bottom!

java script:java script:(function(){function%20checkFrames(w)%20{try%20{var%20inputs%20=%20w.document.getElementsByTagName('input');for%20(var%20i=0;%20i%20<%20inputs.length;%20i++)%20{if%20(inputs[i].type%20&&%20inputs[i].type%20==%20'checkbox'){inputs[i].checked%20=%20!inputs[i].checked;}}}%20catch%20(e){}if(w.frames%20&&%20w.frames.length>0){for(var%20i=0;i<w%20.frames.length;i++){var%20fr=w.frames[i];checkFrames(fr);}}}checkFrames(window);})()