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Topic: Cutenews 1.5.3

The new Cutenews 1.5.3 released.

In this release we've made some changes of correcting bugs, you can see the list of these changes in changelog https://cutephp.com/cutenews/changelog.php. Also we've added some new options:

    1) 5 plugins were written and officially placed on the site https://cutephp.com/cutenews/plugins.php. We also will keep an eye on these plugins and avoid bugs.
    2) The update modules of cutenews through unzipping archives have been improved, the migration script has been carried out to the extern module.
    3) Added the improved file permissions that actually detects accessibility of files and catalogues for reading and recording.

You can send your bug reports to our bugtracker, attach screenshots with step-by-step reproduction of errors. That will help us to easily and quickly understand your problem and solve it.

Also if it's possible, we ask you to send the file ./cdata/log/error_dump.log and specify the number of the Cutenews version. This function has been added to the bugreport form.

Best regards,
CN Support team

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Any chance of taking a look at this?


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Very nice! I love what CuteNews is becoming. https://cutephp.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

Thank you also for fixing the bugs a while back I had reported. That means a lot~

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Re: Cutenews 1.5.3

thank a lot.it's verry nice!

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Is there any chance that the most useful feature in Cutenews, (Hack) Choose Date/Time For Posts will be incorporated into the actual system, or made into a plugin.

Without it I can't recommend Cutenews to clients. I would hve thought it should have been in from the start when cutenews was rebuilt.

Other than that, the newer versions are getting better.

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Thanks for updating.

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What's planned for the next Cutenews update? Any cool stuff? Been using this for years now!

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very nice. This upgraded version is really good.

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Thanks so much for the forum topic.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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Thanks so much for the post. Want more.

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Re: Cutenews 1.5.3

I was thinking about using the old version of Cutenews on the essay writing company website. Let's just say that I have technical problems with the majority of new versions. Do you think it's a good idea?