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Topic: Category Icon near Title and Date (Facebook Style)

I've the 1.5.2, i want to show Title and Date up/down near the category icon, like Facebook
Which code i must use on the template?
Now i use this code but i see the date under the icon
<div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain' style='height:200px;white-space:pre;overflow:auto'><div><big>[full-link]{category-icon}<big> {title}</big>[/full-link]</big>

<div style="text-align:left; padding:3px; margin-top:3px; margin-bottom:5px"><center>{short-story}</center>

[com-link] <span style="color: #7e87a4;"><big>Commenta</big> </span>[/com-link] </font>