Topic: 2 Issues, License ID and Category issue

First, love the script, it is soooo nice. I have two things i need to clear up though. I have a pro license and will be bringing on journalists, but they have access to the help page which displays my license ID, any way to get rid of that?


I have a page where I want a particular category to show. Which I have no problem getting to work. However, on another page I have the remaining categories available to show, including the single one I mentioned before. For instance.

Page 1 has category 1,2,3,4,5
Page 2 has category 5 only.

Here is the problem, If i post an article that I want to show in both pages ill select those categories. BUT, the page which only has category 5 as the integration wont show that article unless it is checked solo, with no other categories. This causes me to have to post certain news articles twice. Am I doing something wrong?