Topic: Server move with version 2.x

I needed to move a CuteNews V2.0.3 implementation to a new server.

I followed all instructions to the letter.  It didn't work.  Had several more tries looking for any possible things I may have missed and checking the forums for advice.  No luck.
The closest I got was in edit news all the stories were listed with a title of  <no title:> and clicking on one of those got me News entry not found!
Conclusion: For me it just doesn't work, perhaps in other circumstances it does but there's a risk.

I've had to go back to the v1.5.3 which uses a different news file structure.  That's a serious PITA as there's no way to import the v2.x stories so you either lose the old stories or need do some tedious cut and paste - that's not easy so for anyone wondering: install v1.5.3 on the old server, open two browsers one accessing V1.x the other V2.x.  Then you can copy individual stories from V2 to V1.  When done copy the V1 installation to the new server, that works. 

One day you're probably going to need to move your site to a new server so I advise anyone installing cutenews to stick with the version 1.5.3 until such time as v2 server moves demonstrably work reliably.