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Topic: Cutenews 2.0.3 Mod - Bootstrap and more




The modification is based on 2.0.3(same known bugs) , it works with Bootstrap , has 14 skins , improvisations editing, and other plugins.

I would like the official do and you give me credit for contributing to project.

Uncompress a file in the folder where your cutenews are.

This modification is between 90% and 100%, soon I'll upload the final update.
Any error or bug, please report it here. thanks and enjoy it.

Mod by Shixel


Please, if you share this modification then give me the credits. Thank you!

LINK------> https://mega.nz/#!apRG3a4L!B7DoS2oW...bSWG8AyCil2kVzk

Greetings from Mexico.

Re: Cutenews 2.0.3 Mod - Bootstrap and more

Great work !

Re: Cutenews 2.0.3 Mod - Bootstrap and more

Mattt07 wrote:

Great work !

You said it! Love how clean the design still is. Thanks guys!

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Re: Cutenews 2.0.3 Mod - Bootstrap and more

My god, I just had to sign up, for the first time, to this forum to tell you... I freaking love what you did. It's beautiful and outstanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm reallly amazed.

Keep the good work.

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Re: Cutenews 2.0.3 Mod - Bootstrap and more

Very nice work you do it will be feels happy to see this level posts thank you for information great work.