Topic: installing cuteNews version 2.0.4

Hi I am stuck at the opening screen to set up the admin account.  Most of the files that require permissions set do not exist in the downloaded file. E.G.; Uploads, cdata/plugins, cdata/btree, cdata/backups. . .

Re: installing cuteNews version 2.0.4

You must set the writing permissions to folders and files. Examples can be found in many online instructions, for example, here … s-via-ftp/ tells how to set permissions for files via FTP. Rights to folders 775, to files 664

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Re: installing cuteNews version 2.0.4

Hi Support,  Thanks you misunderstood my post.  I know how to set permissions I am using Wise-FTP 8 but the files listed as failed are mostly missing from the installation.  I'll re-download the version again. I re-downloaded the version and found that the folders were present. However I can't get Expression Web 2 to accept the cdata folders for some obscure reason. I have manged to upload the Cutenews 2 directory to the website and all the missing folders are there now.

The permissions have been checked and set but on my system I have for setting permissions: Owner, Group and Public with three possible settings for each: Read, Write and Execute. What settings are required by Cutenews?

Update:  I have asked for advice from Fasthosts as I was unable to get back to the installation cutenews window.  It is ok now and I have set up the Admin account.

For the record:  the setting for Cutenews folder is 755 and also cdata.  That means that Group Write is not permitted and also Public Write is not permitted. (Linux system)