Topic: Martti Malmi's Bitcoin SCAM

HTML5 is of great interest to many information technology professionals. Unfortunately this interest is being abused by some individuals such as Martti Malmi. In 2012 after helping develop the Bitcoin eCurrency, Martti Malmi joined Pyry Lehdonvirta’s company, to help them develop HTML5. In a recent Ripoff Report by an HTML5 GAME SITE developer based in Nebraska, Martti Malmi is alleged to have swindled the user of over 20000 Euros and the company he worked under apparently did nothing about it.

We sought to contact the SC5 executive officers and Martti Malmi through SC5 and, a forum he owns, to confirm Guy Maxwell’s statement but our emails and phone calls have gone unanswered. Anyone out there who has been scammed by an HTML5 developer should share their experiences to help other tech professionals stay safe.


Re: Martti Malmi's Bitcoin SCAM

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