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We'd like to inform you that we've made some changes to the news indexing. A new script migration_update_indexes.php has been added in the Cutenews root to help you upgrade to the latest version from GitHub.

After upgrading from GitHub run the script once and then uninstall it. It is necessary for migrating from previous indexes in the database to the new ones. If the database is extensive, it may take some time, up to 30 seconds.

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Indexing refers to the norms used by news organizations to select news sources and frames. When indexing norms become widely shared across organizations, media systems may display familiar national characteristics and act as an institution.


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Indexing is a theory of news content and press-state relations first formulated as the indexing hypothesis. At its core, the indexing hypothesis predicts that news content on political and public policy issues will generally follow the parameters of elite debate: when political elites. LHI Provider Portal Login

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